House for your “Smiles Everyday”

At OkinaOne, we believe that designing family’s happiness, is what leads to a good housing design.

A story is born under one roof of each family.
with each story having different foundations of lifestyle, family members, occupations, hobbys, dreams that leads to the future.

We aim to design the image for each story, to be a successful happy ending, embraced with love of family.

We aim to design your happiness, and make it a better place for you in Japan.
Believing that by making people happy in their homes, that we can be happy in return.

Hoping that this happiness will gradually spread around you.

The name of “Okina One Home”
means for the design of each home to be the only One.
And our hope for each family members happiness, to unite into One family.

Building a house can be an once-in-a-lifetime experience for many people.
With such a hope, excitement and may be a little anxiety.

At OkinaOne, we explain carefully, so that everybody can understand the flow and things you do not know.

Housing is a large hand made structure.
This is why we need to retain a relationship to trust each other, and help each other. where you can feel free to ask what you don’t understand.

I believe that housing is not only about the house itself, but is a total future plans for the family.
This is why we are also happy to take time to help for your future plans, land searching, investment planning, loans and fund etc.

OkinaOne’s 3 motto are “Sincerity” “Care” & “Passion”

We deliver a comfortable stylish house, hoping for family fulfilled with smiles and laughter from the bottom of their hearts.

Please feel free to contact us.

We are glad to help!

Representative Architect
Masaki Sugibayashi



Born November 1983
Grew up in Auckland, New Zealand
University of Auckland, Bachelor of Architecture study graduate 2007